National Constitution Day – 26 November

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Have you thought who gives you the right to go to school and get your education? Who asks you to stand during our National Anthem? Why there are so many rules in our country that we have to follow? The same way there are rules and regulations to follow in school, the same way there are rules for this country too hong kong national anthem . All these rules are written in our Constitution which is the book of law.

When the British gave us Independence on 15th August 1947, we did not have any new rules to run the country. India faced a lot of problems after independence. There was no proper law and order, refugee issues and no proper administration. Thus, our leaders focused on writing new rules under which everything in the country will be followed. This group of leaders was headed by Dr. BR Ambedkar, who was our first law minister (also known as the architect of Indian Constitution), took the initiative to head the committee which wrote the constitution. The day on which our constitution was adopted was 26th November 1949. This is day is celebrated as National Constitution day in our country.

Let us see why this day is so important to us and why our constitution is regarded as our rule book. All of you have heard of terms like Government, Minister, and Rights etc. Government looks after the welfare of the people of this country. We vote for them and in turn they give us services like building of roads, waterways, airways, our basic needs etc. So all this rules are mentioned in the constitution. Without rules, our country cannot function properly and our society will be affected and it will turn into a life in a jungle which is without any rules.

The constitution gives us. Life is precious and therefore it must be protected and given the opportunity to flourish. That is why people have certain basic rights. Therefore, the constitution outlines the following: Fundamental political principles, rights and duties. It establishes the structure, procedure, duties and power of the government and its institutions and it sets out fundamental rights, directive principle and fundamental duties of citizens.

Another important feature of our Constitution is the Preamble. A preamble is a brief summary and acts as an introductory statement which states the purpose of our Constitution and indicates the source of the authority of the document, which is, the citizen of the country. All our past leaders saw a vision of free India and to have a collective idea or plan to come together and build and govern an independent country. All the ideas put together are mentioned in our preamble.

The first line of the preamble and the Indian Constitution says, “We, the people of India, having solemnly resolved to constitute India into a sovereign, socialist, secular, democratic republic and to secure all its citizens”. It is an announcement that the people of India are free (sovereign). And that there is social and economic equality in the country without any discrimination (socialist). The government will not favour any particular religion (secular). All the citizens of the country are allowed to be part of the government and can indirectly choose who the president will be (Republic) and the citizens have the right to vote above the age of 18 to elect leaders who will form the government (democratic).

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